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Welcome to Pierce Your Soul Studio, where we offer a safe and sterile environment in an intimate setting for a relaxed, calm atmosphere, adhering to all guidelines set by Los Angeles County Public Health.


As the premier piercing provider in the Los Angeles area, we specialize in infant piercings, offering a quiet and serene space for your child to feel comfortable. We cherish the opportunity to connect with these little ones and their families, creating a memorable experience for them that lasts a lifetime. Whether you're an infant, teen, college student, grandparent, or anyone in between, a new piercing can help you feel closer to your true self, and we're here to facilitate that journey like no other piercer in the Glendale area can. Our studio only carries fine jewelry in 14 karat gold. See our vendors here.

laser tattoo removal

Pierce Your Soul Studio specializes in laser tattoo removal, including removing, fading, and modifying unwanted tattoos. Our primary goal is to give you a fresh start and boost your confidence. Using the industry-leading Astanza Trinity laser, we deliver safe, fast, and effective results throughout Glendale, CA and nearby areas. Unlike others, we can remove ALL tattoo colors and treat all skin types at an affordable price. Our skilled technicians employ tailored protocols for optimal results every single time, whether you seek complete removal or just a lightening for a cover-up. We offer discounted package rates and payment plans.

Mickey with Infant Twins - Infant Piercings - Owner of Pierce Your Soul - Piercing and Laser Tattoo Removal Studio in Glendale, CA

Meet Mickey

Hi! I'm Mickey. I have been a Body Piercing Professional for over a decade. I take a unique and important approach to piercing. Bringing my medical background to this artistry creates a really professional experience for the people I pierce. It’s so important to me to create these beautiful adornments in a high-end environment. A new piercing can transform the way you feel about yourself, and I want everyone who visits to feel welcome and safe.

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Solid 14k gold jewelry for ear piercings, nose piercings, and other body piercings. All materials used are nickel-free, lead-free, and of the highest quality. Meticulously crafted using specially chosen gemstones and made to last a lifetime.


Maya is not your average posh jewelry brand. Maya stands at the leading edge of a total lifestyle that honors radical self-expression, devotion to community, and the full diversity of human potential. Hand crafted and vegan.


To adorn their jewelry, is to truly appreciate the style and beauty of their design. From Swarovski Crystals to precious stones, they compliment any style of body piercings. What is not in stock can be special ordered!


NorVoch body jewelry has a silky smooth polish, that is immediately eye catching. All working mechanisms are top-tier quality. All materials are ethically sourced in the U.S. using the highest quality stones, 14K and 18K gold.

*** All jewelry is final sale. ***

** No returns, no exceptions. **


At Pierce Your Soul, we don't just care about great results; we care about the transformation that happens to our clients, both inside and out. Pierce Your Soul's primary goal is to give others a fresh start by removing or transforming unwanted tattoos using the industry's most cutting-edge laser technology.

We understand the damaging impact an unwanted tattoo can have on someone's self-esteem and how empowering it can feel to remove an undesirable or regretful tattoo. That is why Pierce Your Soul offers free to low-cost treatments for gang-related and human-trafficking tattoos and free consultations to all clients.

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If you have an questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to Pierce Your Soul.

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