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Hi! I'm Mickey. I have been a Body Piercing Professional for over a decade. I take a unique and important approach to piercing. Bringing my medical background to this artistry creates a really professional experience for the people I pierce. It’s so important to me to create these beautiful adornments in a high-end environment. A new piercing can transform the way you feel about yourself, and I want everyone who visits to feel welcome and safe.

I specialize in infant piercings, working in a quiet and serene space each weekend morning. I’m grateful for the chance to connect with these little ones and their families, creating a special experience for them. It’s an important memory. Infant, college student, grandparent, or anyone in between – a new piercing on the outside helps you feel a little closer to who you are on the inside. I want to help create that feeling in a way no other piercer can.


Pierce your Soul Studio now carries exclusively BVLA body jewelry. To adorn their jewelry, is to truly appreciate the style and beauty of their design. From Swarovski Crystals to precious stones, they compliment any style of body piercings. What is not in stock can be special ordered!


Are you ready to set up a visit?


Services and Pricing

Conch | $50

Daith | $50

Dermal |$60

Eyebrow | $50

Forward Helix | $50

Industrial | $80

Lip | $50

Lobe (Adult, One) | $50

Lobes (10 and Under, Both, Includes Aftercare Kit) | $184

Monroe | $50

Naval | $50

Nipple (One) | $80

Nostril | $50

Rook | $50

Septum | $80

Smiley | $60

Snug | $50

Tongue | $50

Tragus | $50

Upper Cartilage | $50

Vertical Labret | $50

Web | $60

Jewelry Change Fee | $25

2-Part Aftercare Kit | $25

** All Prices Include Jewelry! **



I'm available by appointment 12pm - 8pm Tuesday through Friday

and 9am - 7pm on Saturday

540 W Colorado St #15, Glendale, CA 91204